New construction, renovations, residential, or commercial, Classic Drywall Richmond KY will finish your project on time and with the highest standard of quality and satisfaction.  We have a fleet of vehicles and a large team ready to work for you.  Give us a call today for a FREE QUOTE!


Classic Drywall offers a wide range of services that can assist your project needs. Our drywall team is the best in the business, but we do so much more! Listed below are some of our most popular services. Please contact us for more information about any of these services. Also, have a look at our partner companies Classic Insulation, Classic Restoration, and Classic Heating and Cooling. With one call, we can serve all your home project needs!


Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, finishing a basement, or creating an addition, your satisfaction is our guarantee.


We do both interior and exterior painting, including decks and porches.  We use high quality Sherwin Williams Paint products.


Fiberglass insulation batt, fiberglass blow-in insulation, and spray foam insulation, and more. Visit Classic Insulation’s website.

Ceiling Tile

We also offer Acoustical Ceiling Tile and Grid for sound control and noise reduction. No matter how small or how large the project.

Steel Stud

All types of steel stud designs. Using a variety of steel gauges ranging from 25 to 10.


Repair or replacement of all types of plumbing and gas lines in existing construction. (Hot water tanks, dishwashers)


Installation of all types of trim, baseboards, crown molding, built-ins, etc. This includes needed hardware such as door stops, door hardware, and door closures.

Door and Hardware

This includes door knobs, deadbolts, doors stops, and closures. We also do commercial bathroom stalls and hanging mirrors.


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